241 Irving

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012

241 Irving

This project features a new addition and an extensive renovation to this majestic Irving Avenue residence in the Civic Hospital area.

The owners, long established and in love with the neighborhood, undertook a plan for an overhaul of their longtime residence. Largely intact, the house was proving to be out of date with the desires of the occupants. The program evolved around the updating and extension of the kitchen. A more useful rear entrance and a desire to embrace the dramatic slope of the rear yard drove much of the program for the rear design of the addition. More living space in the basement in the form of a media center and entertaining space defined the requirements for the lower level. Modest renovations on the second floor were planned to accommodate an updated bathroom. One of the owners, of Danish extraction, desired to see any new work in a resolutely modern and simple style. The other, drove a requirement for comfort, accessibility to the rear and side yards and functional flowing spaces.

The design centered around using the existing footprint of the kitchen and extending it visually out into an new eating area addition. The cabinetry is arranged in a functional U shape, with an eating island forming a central organizing feature in the east end of the design. Extensive built in cabinets and provided on all walls to assist in storage and reducing the visual clutter.

A covered porch is provided on the south elevation, a feature requested by the owner as a traditional throwback to other houses in the neighborhood.  Mostly open on the sides, the porch can be easily converted to a screened porch as the season dictates. This porch element also provides a gracious transition to the rear year via a set of stairs and landscaped steps.

To the north, a new rear entrance and mudroom element is provided. This entrance provides an elegant transition from the detached garage. Enthusiastic dog owners, the clients needed an easy to clean and functional entrance to wash off the dog after a long walk in the nearby arboretum. A shower hose and floor drain are built into the mudroom to easily accommodate this requirement.

The most clever part of the design was to open an existing broom closet at the end of the hall to provide a strong circulation, and a stunning visual link to the new rear addition.