OnStar RemoteLink

Posted by on Jan 12, 2012

OnStar RemoteLink

Designed and built in the space of 4 weeks, this app was recently demonstrated at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas. This application belongs to the OnStar family of solutions deployed on a variety of mobile devices. The iPhone and Android versions have been downloaded to more than 250K users. This project required the rework of the existing solution to the Blackberry Playbook. Given the unique form factor and the different capabilities of the platform, the project presented an interesting XD challenge.

The three core functions for the app were abstracted and given distinct locations on the screen. The main “health” indicators were given the center real estate. Vehicle commands were hosted in a virtual drawer at the bottom of the screen. The last bit of functionality, the OnStar connect workflows were placed in the upper windowshade UI.

The current versions of the solutions, deployed to smart phone platforms, use a logical multipage metaphor. The obvious shortcoming of this paradigm is accessibility. The design intent in this project was to group functionality in strong visual blocks. All features are one “touch away”, but more importantly, the system health is front and center allowing the user a “one glance” view of all the important metrics.

Another important design driver was the beautiful resolution of the screen and the obvious advantages of HTML5 as the platform. Leveraging the stunning graphics of the Volt dashboard, these were carried back into the RemoteLink UI ensuring a brand consistency outside the vehicle and a sensuous experience on the tablet. HTML5 provides a robust foundation for incredible interactions. Subtle touch responses and discreet lighting shifts help in enhancing important user affordance in the experience.

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