2122 BlackFriars

Posted by on May 1, 2012

2122 BlackFriars

This is a small project that was completed several years ago, but I happened to be in the neighborhood and wanted to see how the landscaping matured. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the new addition is integrated into the fabric of the street and community.

The house is a circa late 60’s maybe early 70’s vintage. Its quite solidly built, on a nice street, but suffers from a poorly conceived entrance. The project was to provide the family with an entrance mudroom, all the while, reworking the main entrance.

The design was quickly sorted with a few iterations. The preferred scheme was to make the entrance to the house more obvious from the street and to mediate a transition from the street, to the property, then into the house. Leveraging an already ungainly overhang, a new entrance hall was provided. A stubby porch adjacent to the garage was converted to a closet space. A new front porch was added to the front of the house to break up the mass of the elevation and the make the entry more prominent. This has proven to be a popular, contemplative spot to witness the activity on the street and meet with the neighbors.

An additional request was made to provide some “texture” to the front of the house, without being too fussy. Simple forms, new textures and color adjustments were made to update the appearance of the house.

While taking the after shots, I was struck by the fidelity of the finished product relative to the initial concept sketches.