Adobe’s CQ 5.5 Social Communities

Posted by on May 18, 2012

Adobe’s CQ 5.5 Social Communities

A few of my projects involve very consumer focused, “high touch” designs, but many are very enterprise focused and targeted to very niche  and specialized markets. This one provides a very powerful feature in an business solution, but has a very real and immediate impact on the end user.

Social Communities is a module that is part of much larger digital marketing solution provided by Adobe. CQ 5.5 is an enterprise content management solution. In their words: “Adobe® CQ is the foundation of the Adobe Web Experience Management (WEM) solution. It provides digital marketers with easy-to-use, web-based applications for creating, managing, and delivering personalized online experiences. Adobe CQ provides out-of-the-box integration with other products in Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.”

Despite the apparent “business” focus of the tool, the part that I recently helped with has a very personal “high touch” aspect for the individual user. A few days ago, the Adobe CQ team announced; “CQ5.5 Social Communities empowering marketers to bridge the gap between their social media efforts and owned sites through Facebook and Twitter logins, content targeting and personalization and plugin capabilities.”

More specifically, the new features provide “social login” capabilities and social “plugins”. These new features allow CQ developers to add and configure these powerful tools with simple drag and drop gestures.

“Social login and personalization:  Give your users the option to login with their Facebook or Twitter accounts to your site and then personalize their web experience by targeting content based on their social profile. Targeted content can be selected based on their interests or demographics.”

“Social plugins:  Allow customers to share your content with their friends. Each Like and Tweet on your site increases reach as users post to their social group and network, which in turn comments, likes and reposts the content they find compelling. That increased reach leads to increased traffic and ultimately more conversions. This is a virtuous cycle you want to be part of as a digital marketer.”